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In the streets of Genova * part 01



Genova Street 03

Genova Street 04

Genova Street 05

Genova Street 06

Genova Street 07

Genova Street 08

Genova Street 09

Genova Street 10

Genova Street 11

Genova Street 12

San Bernardo’s square * Genova(italy)

This artwork was done for “Coloriamo il Centro Storico” a street-art event dedicated to the different cultures that live in Genova. There were four square in the oldest alleys of the city, where different artists created their “meltin’ pot” artworks.

A big thanks to Ana, Fabio&Ale, Paul, the curators and to all people that helped me during this beautiful day.
And the last but no in my mind, the great PAT and his wonderful photos.


One thought on “In the streets of Genova * part 01

  1. Hello

    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


    Posted by tovorinok | 2007/07/05, 8:07 AM

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