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Mueslii NZ temporary show,  START via Tortona 14, Milan (Italy)
Milan Design week – 13/19 April 2010

Limited Edition Backpack

“One sharp thrusting beak.
Two legged powerful talons.
Three metres of legend.
250 kilograms of strength.”

At last, freshly landed on Italy’s shores from New Zealand, a new limited edition bag has made its way across the ocean. Co-designed by artist NO CURVES, the MOA limited edition bag has been named after the huge extinct ostrichlike birds that roamed about New Zealand until only a few centuries ago.

Living around the edges of the semi-tropical forests and grasslands, MOA giant birds were the lords of their environment. Called Te Kura by Māoris, these giant wingless birds were the dominant herbivores in the New Zealand forest, shrubland and subalpine ecosystems for thousands of years, and until the arrival of the Māori were hunted only by the Haast’s Eagle. Heavy hunting by humans drove them to extinction around the 15th century.

The fantastic coloured tapes of NO CURVES will bring MOA back to life, its piercing shrieks will resound again in Milan, if only for a few days. Mueslii NZ will host the artist performance during Milan Design Week (13-19 April 2010) and celebrate this long forgotten wingless bird with a limited edition bag.


3 thoughts on “NO CURVES for MUESLII NZ

  1. complimenti per il succeso della mostra!!!

    Posted by Moni | 2010/04/19, 9:28 PM
    • I really like this stuff, how have I never seen the nocurves thing before? It’s awesome!

      Posted by John Jones | 2011/02/07, 3:17 PM
      • Same, just come across it and I think it’s brilliant. i love the design, are these bags limited edition or something? And what does it mean by tape art? Is it made out of Sealing Tape or something? It’s cool anyway

        Posted by Purple Fox | 2011/02/07, 3:20 PM

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