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“XX x XX” – Artwork Preview

“XX x XX” – Artwork Preview

“Klown” a first preview of the piece for the expo “XX x XX” (ventiperventi). Inspired by the terrifying character from Stephen King’s IT and Frankenstein. Very small, 20×20 cm but highly detalied. Advertisements


// The Art Of Denim // NO CURVES live performance


// "DARKNESS CALL" - Making Of // A small extract from of the making of video for the Dampyr project done at @luccacomicsandgames with a focus about @area_performance a great place in Lucca comic fair where artists from all over the world meet to paint together. // #dampyr #dampyralucca #areaperformance #livepainting #liveart #tapeart #tapeartist #sergiobonelli #luccacomicsandgames #castellanitopdesign #fondazionebancadelmontelucca #sgro #comics #contemporaryart @sergiobonellieditoreufficiale @castellani_topdesign @fredjgeorge
// FAREWELL MASTER OF DARKNESS 🦇 // My "Darkness Call" original tape artwork created & exhibited for @luccacomicsandgames convention // The piece was inspired by the Dampyr comic serie of @sergiobonellieditoreufficiale and used as the cover for their limited edition book. // I just want to say THANK YOU to all sponsors and people that made this possible : Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca , @castellani_topdesign , Area Performance Onlus, Sgro and all staff of Lucca Comics & Games. // A special thank to Emanuele Vietina, Mauro Boselli, Graziano Frediani e Giorgio Giusfredi. // We were a great team!! 💜 #nocurves #tapeart #dampyr #dampyralucca #castellanitopdesign #luccacomicsandgames #sergiobonelli #areaperformance
// "DARKENSS CALL" BY DAY // Installation of the original tape piece for Dampyr coverbook x @sergiobonellieditoreufficiale during the day @luccacomicsandgames fair. // The amazing red blood design structure was a masterpiece by @castellani_topdesign 📐🔥 // A special thanks to Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca, Area Performance Onlus and Sgro. #nocurves #dampyr #dampyralucca #tapeart #luccacomicsandgames #castellanitopdesign
// NO CURVES X DAMPYR . "Il Santo VenutovDall'Irlanda" Limited Edition Book . Available and signing the book at @sergiobonellieditoreufficiale booth for @luccacomicsandgames fair until 4 November 2018 . #nocurves #tapeart #dampyr #dampyralucca #sergiobonellieditore
// QUEEN OF MERCABOT My signature piece for the project @mercabot // Six month ago I entered in my new studio in the historical Market Stalls of Milano. I was living every day with the workers of the market. I watched, listened and accepted advice on what was a new world for me. The result is an exhibition that talks about yesterday, today and tomorrow, talking about the world of work, know-how, food and robotics. Few days we opened for the firt time a small audience to present the project and we will open to private visits soon!! Please follow us @mercabot A big thanks to Sara Baroni that brought me to this new world. #hostedbysogemi And special thanks to our partner @castellani_topdesign #ppmindustries #aon #thenextehibition #officinastrategia @beppetreccia @federicoladdagaph #ncwindustries . #nocurves #tapeart #mercabot
// >>>>>> 1993 >>>>>>>> // // New commission #nocurves #tapeart #tapeartist

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